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2020 version 0.9
2022 version 1.32

Visual Tale made for Spectrum 48K, inspired by the classic Christian Andersen tale "The little match girl" (1845). Free adaptation (with new elements -which do not appear in the tale- and sequencing in puzzles) by Fran Kapilla (Sequentia Soft). Engine by Jari Komppa (Much).

Images re-drawn from the 1914 film (film whose authors and actors are unknown and with most of the footage lost due to the start of the world war).

How could those 1914 filmmakers imagine that 106 years after the filming of that movie, someone was going to use the little material left to illustrate a reflexive game?

Translation by Briefel.

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We remind you that the game will be available in physical format (cassette) for collectors on request. The physical version contains two games:

A light in the snow + Footprints (crossover): www.sequentiasoft.wordpress.com

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AuthorSequentia Soft (Fran Kapilla)


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this ancient story continues to denounce the unfortunate story of millions of children.Let's see if we can say that this age-old tale serves as a poignant reminder of the tragic stories of countless children throughout history and continues to denounce the suffering and hardships that they endure.

I know this may not be the best way to express my opinion, so forgive me.

you are absolutely right, the world is still a terrible place, we all need to be aware, from every small cultural act like this game to big actions to improve the world.


wanted to try this for the pixel art that looks incredible, but there's a sound glitch that really irritates me, I don't know how to describe it

I think I'm experience the same sound glitch. It's this constant MIDI flicker sound, kinda like a blip and static exploding at the same time.

exactly this and it only plays when the game is show on-screen if you scroll down to the comments you don't hear it