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Hello. Great game!! But I can´t see opening screen, only loading screen. I use Spectaculator 

Hello thanks!! The game works very well in Spectaculator. After the intro press any letter to start the game (make sure you have Play activated on the emulator cassette).

And if you press i you see the intro again.

Tell me if you can play, if you have little experience with that emulator I will record a short video for you.

I can play very well, I only say that I can' see opening screen, the screen whith the girl. The two videos below is the same, less than a second you can see the screen

Great game! Here's my half-hour gameplay.

You play very well. Thanks for the video and comments. I'm thinking of doing an update, including an EASY mode also, what do you think?


Difficulty levels are always welcome, although I'm fine with this one. Additional in-game music would be great, but 48k of memory will probably not be enough for that anymore.


Will there be a demo available? Looks amazing!!

Hello, thanks for the suggestion. I'm not going to put a demo because I don't have time, a lot of work and it's not really worth it either. I encourage you to trust and buy the game, if you like platformers, you're going to enjoy it a lot and if you're patient and go all the way, you'll see a beautiful ending. Thank you so much!

Nice game!

Thanks :)